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Published: 05th November 2010
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If in case you have more than ten cats, wouldn't you like to share their photos and stories together with the rest of the world? You can do just that if you have a private site. Homebound cat lovers across the world love to direct some other cat lovers to their private websites so that they can delight in antics of their kitty cats. Sadly although, a lot of shut-in cat owners do not have the coding skills to develop these types of purrfectly adorable sites. What they do not know is that they could utilize free web templates to develop a personal website which is the cat's meow.

Free themes which are available on the web have all the features you require to build a personal site where you may share anecdotes and photos of all of your cats. These types of themes are prebuilt websites that come in lots of different styles. Really, there are many designs to select from which are specially aimed at cat lovers. These kinds of styles vary from humorous to critical; so whether you are a cat breeder, a crazed single cat lady with twenty cats, or someone who dresses up cats in doll clothes as well as takes their picture; there's a template themed accurately for you as well as your cats.

When you as well as your therapist have made the decision what type of crazy you're and what the theme of your web site would be, the rest is simple. Because the coding is already finish, all you've to do is pay attention to your cats - they will tell you what they want to say about themselves. The next step is to enter their text to the web template. You can also let your cats pick out the kind of pictures they would like to post for other cats which they hope to meet online. When each cat is satisfied which they're equally shown on the web site, all you have to do is click on the submit button and the web site will go live. After that, you can sit back and take pleasure from some kibble with your best felines whilst you enjoy your stories on television.

Are your mischievous kittens so cute while they play that you need to record their antics on video? If in case they are, you can also utilize free web templates to develop a flash website. That's right; in case your Mr. Whiskers has a hilarious encounter with some dryer lint and you capture it on video, you could put it on a free flash site. Similar to the other free templates, the cost-free flash websites do not require any special coding experience and are just simple to use as the other types of templates. As well, they also do not need purchasing any extra software. This is great news if most of your welfare check goes to feeding stray cats. But, the freebies do not stop there.

Together with your free template, you also get free web hosting. Once you have designed your site, all you have to pay is domain registration fee (about the cost of two bags of dried cat food as well as a bottle of cooking sherry) and you will have a site for as long as you want to maintain it. It is since together with the web template, you obtain free web hosting. As well, as you collect more cats, you could update the site as often as you wish. Since you can see, totally free templates are a great way to share your cats on the Internet.

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